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"I found my Therapist was excellent, winning my confidence from day one and helped me to understand what I need to do to keep living. Thank you Andrea" "Counselling helped me to see that there seemed to be a pattern underlying my feelings. Also, it helped me to begin to find 'my voice'. In addition I was given some strategies to try and help bring about changes in certain situations. Thank you Andrea for your help in enabling me to do this." "I didn't find it easy to talk about myself and my 'problems', finding it emotional. I was shown empathy and patience, including my need to 'get through' my agenda for each session. I was very grateful to Andrea for this." "I found Andrea very understanding and non-judgemental. Andrea very quickly found an effective style of communication that I understood and could relate to." "Much thanks Andrea for helping me feel comfortable in my own skin again." "Although I felt embarrassed about needing counselling and that my problems were insignificant in comparison to those of other people, I was given reassurance by Andrea that they were important because they affected me." "I came to counselling very confused and uncomfortable with myself. Andrea helped me to realise my thoughts and behaviours were symptomatic of my childhood and being a new parent. Many thanks Andrea." "Andrea seemed to grasp my issues very well and reflect things back to me that helped me understand myself better.""